Pollen8 Family Services

Pollen8 Family Services is an Administrative Service Organization (ASO) that provides Socially Necessary Services (SNS) to drug-impacted families who are in threat of losing custody of their children due to abuse and neglect.  Pollen8 Family Services works in conjunction with the Department of Health and Human Resources (Child Protective Services) to alleviate impending dangers of abuse and neglect.  Our program has a three-pronged approach including an intervention, treatment, and reintegration of the family back into society.

Intervention- Our intervention approach is delivered through a mobile treatment team that provides ASO and non-ASO services to the families to identify the cause (drug addiction) of the CPS referral, address the behaviors (abuse and neglect) that warranted the referral, and help the family to face the consequences of those behaviors (open CPS case).

Treatment- Our treatment program consists of a Social Service Specialist (SSS) who works with the family to identify the affects the substance abuse has had on the family(parent and child).  The SSS’ main goal is to ensure the protection of the child while ensuring the family has the resources that are available to them to keep the family intact.  This position is partnered with a Recovery Coach (RC) that works with the parent(s) to address the physical aspect of the substance abuse by gaining admittance and commitment to the treatment program and identifying appropriate recovery methods (in-patient or out-patient).  Lastly, our Addiction Specialist (AS) works with the parents to uncover the underlying causes of the abuse and neglect and through intensive therapy works on behavior modification to create effective parenting.

Reintegration- Our reintegration strategy is to work with the family to remove the socioeconomic barriers that are keeping the family from functioning within society.  This would include education attainment and job skills for employability of the parents while the child will be brought up to grade level in reading, writing and math.

Per West Virginia law, drug-impacted families must be given improvement periods to address their dysfunction before a child is removed from the home.  Pollen8 Family Services ensures child safety in these families by assessing the consequences of parent’s drug addiction on the child’s educational, psychological, social and emotional well-being.  Pollen8 Family Services builds an effective support network for the child to assist them in coping with these consequences.

Goals and Objectives:

Pollen8 Family Services will work in conjunction with CPS case managers from the Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) in non-custody (child is not removed from the home) cases involving referrals that allege substance abuse in the home by one or both parents that contribute to impending dangers to the safety of the children.

Pollen8 Family Services will provide effective family-centered intervention in the State of West Virginia that considers the adverse impact of substance abuse on family functioning and child development.  The founders intend for Pollen8, Inc. to be a holistic intervention of services for families with one or both parents struggling with addictions, with an overall goal of treating the family to remove barriers and diminished capacities to family functioning.

Pollen8 Family Services along with its Board of Directors and Management Team will work diligently to create and provide best practices in building trusting relationships with the families to administer ongoing assessments addressing 1) background information- the driving force of the initial drug-seeking and the effects it has had on the individual (parent) and the family (child),  2) socioeconomic stressors to family functioning- low education attainments, lack of employability and public assistance ineligibilities that keep the family from functioning as a viable socioeconomic unit, and 3) mental health issues-  typical psychological factors such as depression, bipolar, and personality disorders that impair parenting and other relationships.

        Pollen8 Family Services will generate a preliminary family functioning assessment upon the first visits and upon completion of the investigatory process, the family will be provided a treatment plan that addresses the needs of individual members, their interpersonal relationships, and the family as a socioeconomic unit.  The services offered will address those specific needs and be provided by trained professionals with an interest in assisting the family to acknowledge its deficiencies, repair relationships and functioning, and reintegrate into their community as a viable and healthy social unit.