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Cheryl Laws – Founder/Chief Executive Officer

CherylLawsCheryl Laws has been an entrepreneur for the majority of her life.  She has owned two successful Day Spas (Ferngullys and Selah) and Nurses4You- an organization that provided permanent positions for nurses in hospitals throughout the United States.  Cheryl went on to become the Director of Travel Nursing for TheraCare, Inc. of NYC where she grew the division from $250,000 to $2.5 million per year.  The division was sold to a competitor and Cheryl was left to reinvent herself.  She went back to college in 2011 at the age of forty-two where she received a Regents Bachelor of Arts with a minor in Sociology.  Cheryl graduated Summa Cum Laude and went on to Boone, North Carolina to begin a Masters of Art in Appalachian Studies at Appalachian State University.  Her goal was to better understand the Appalachian culture so she could return to West Virginia and help the people from the place she calls “home”.  Her thesis titled, Reintegration Strategies to Mitigate Child Abuse and Neglect by Substance Abusers in West Virginia Communities was used as research for this project.  Cheryl built Pollen8, Inc. based on the scholarly literature and primary research from her graduate studies.

You can reach Cheryl via email at or on her cell at 304-389-0803.

Terri Gogus- Addiction Specialist

Terri earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from West Virginia State University in 2010. In 2016, Terri received a Master’s in Social Work degree and Graduate Certificate in Integrated Mental and Behavioral Health from West Virginia University. Terri is a member of the Mu lota Chapter of the Phi Alpha Honor Society and graduated from West Virginia University with academic excellence. Additionally, she co-founded the first Graduate Social Work Organization (GSWO) at the Charleston, West Virginia campus as Vice President of the GSWO. Terri has over 5 years of experience in adolescent mental and behavioral health, prevention-focused social work practice, and integrated models of service delivery. In addition to her career work with adolescents and families, Terri’s passion to serve in the field of substance abuse is exemplified in her 11 years of experience working in addiction recovery across all populations. She has been a member of the hospitals and institutions recovery team for over 7 years and has regularly facilitated addiction treatment services in multiple correctional facilities, as well as intensive community-based treatment settings.

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Nada Gray – Social Services Specialist

Nada earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from West Virginia University in 1994. She then continued to obtain her graduate degree and received her Master’s in Special Education from West Virginia University in 1996. Over the past twenty years she has had experience with nonprofit development focusing on prevention services, foster care and family therapy. Nada has worked as a service provider in the home and has worked administration as a director understanding the need for quality assurance, thus developed a protocol for outcomes. Nada’s passion is to help others believe in their ability, while providing them with the tools for progression.

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LaKeisha Barron-Brown – Social Service Specialist

LaKeisha earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice from Marshall University in 1998. In 2002, LaKeisha received a Master’s in Correctional Counseling. She has over seventeen years experience with providing in-home services, targeted case management, parenting skills, individual, group and substance abuse counseling. LaKeisha has experience with providing services to the juvenile and adult population. She has worked in the non-profit sector, as well as within the Criminal Justice Field. She currently is on the advisory board of a community-based treatment facility. LaKeisha’s motto is “Meet the individual where they are and lead them to where they are destined to be.”

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Tuesday Taylor – Youth Program Director

Tuesday Taylor is an accomplished author, educator and public speaker receiving her degree from West Virginia State University earning the Robert F. Kennedy Visionary Award. Born and raised in the small town of Spring Hill, West Virginia, she is an advocate for education, resilience and the power of love. Since 2009 Ms. Tuesday, as her students call her, has established and facilitated youth programs throughout the state of West Virginia and Cleveland, Ohio specializing in behavioral management, summer enrichment, visual and performing arts. After receiving her Communications degree, Tuesday authored her first volume of poetry entitled A Dandy Lion Dreams. She then went on to produce and host her own multimedia show called “What’s Real West Virginia”. Having recently spoke at a commencement ceremony Ms. Taylor urged the student body that a willing and driven pursuit of the value of education can and will provide access to their dreams. Believing in the power of one’s mind Ms. Tuesday can be sited quoting the great activist Tupac Shakur “I may not change the world but I will spark the mind that will.”

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Kimberly Gilispie Hughes – Psychologist

Kimberly Gilispie Hughes is a passionate scholar practitioner in the field of clinical psychology. In her clinical practice she delivers cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and other evidence based treatments to ajar and adolescent and children clients with a wide range of emotional behavior adjustment problems such as anxiety stress depression relationship problems. And her consulting work she has provided intensive supervision she also is a brain injury specialist as well as a developmental specialist. She has been published in school psychology for research and development and a longitudinal study for cognitive behavioral therapy she graduated from West Virginia State College with an undergraduate degree in and graduated with a Masters degree from Marshall University in clinical psychology. Mitch Miss Hughes has worked and several mental health agencies as the lead clinical psychologist and determining rare disorders and developmental delays. She currently is working with the juvenile population that have been incarcerated and or receive drug therapy/drug court. Miss you miss you miss use continues to work with individual intensive therapy as well as group cognitive therapy and family therapy.

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