About Us

Pollen8, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that creates social programs that assist drug-impacted families throughout every stage of recovery.  Our programs are family-centered yet child-oriented with our first priority to reduce the adverse childhood experiences of West Virginia children.  Pollen8, Inc. is a program of services with an overall goal of treating the family to remove obstacles and diminished capacities to family functioning.  Pollen8, Inc. creates holistic programs that treat the entire family simultaneously with a focus on protecting the child, addressing the physical aspect of the addiction (if present), identifying the underlying causes of the addiction, and removing the socioeconomic barriers of the family so they can be reintegrated back into society as a healthy, functioning, social unit.

Our mission is to create social programs for drug-impacted families that protect children from further abuse and neglect, reduce the number of children entering the foster care system, decrease the number of parental rights terminated, and to reintegrate functioning families affected by substance abuse back into their communities through evidence-based services to more successfully break the cycle of substance abuse and child maltreatment.

Pollen8, Inc. along with its Board of Directors and treatment team will work diligently to create and provide best practices in building trusting relationships with the families to administer ongoing assessments addressing:

1) Background information- the driving force of the initial drug-seeking and the effects it has had on the individual (parent) and the family (child),

2) Socioeconomic stressors to family functioning- low education attainments, lack of employability, and public assistance ineligibilities that keep the family from functioning as a viable socioeconomic unit, and

3) Mental health issues-  typical psychological factors such as depression, bipolar, and personality disorders that impair parenting and other relationships.

As a model institution for the region, Pollen8, Inc. expects to provide those who complete the program with additional training and skills needed to function as valuable community members to serve other families in need of assistance through peer mentoring.  To that end, all client families, regardless of socioeconomic status, will receive training in family functioning and dynamics, two of the keys to the future of West Virginia.

Click to download Cheryl’s Thesis: Reintegration Strategies To Mitigate Child Abuse And Neglect By Substance Abusers In West Virginia Communities